Kingdom of Calontir
Calontir War Muster
50 Year War 2016

SCA 50 Year
Kingdom of Calontir

SCA 50 Year

Can you see them marching in the brightening shades of morning,
Swords and helms are shining in the sun's first rays.
Have you heard their footsteps on the road to war and glory,
The ones who went before us built the Dream of Calontir.

Brothers will you join me in the songs of celebration,
Join me in the building and the songs we've yet to hear?
The kingdom we are building is the child of our believing,
We have built the vision that is know as Calontir.

The celebration for SCA 50th Year is approaching. All who plan on attending are asked to sign the muster,
whether you plan to fight, waterbear, or simply hang out with friends.

Also, make sure you preregister at so we have land.

Go Here for Pennsic 45 Muster
If you want to see who's mustered so far, the list is at:

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